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Why should you monitor your employees?

10 Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Employees E-mail & Internet Use at Work

There a variety of legal reasons why you need and should monitor your employees e-mail and Internet use at work. Here are ten reasons why you should monitor your employees e-mail and Internet use at work.

1. You don't want them sending confidential files or other confidential information to people via e-mail that aren't suppose to know the information. You need to be concerned about them talking about work related information that isn't suppose to leave the office.

2. You don't want them looking at any inappropriate pictures while at work. You don't want your company to get into trouble for employee's sneaking around to look at pornographic images or anything else sexual.

3. You don't want them to cheat the time clock. You don't want them to waste your companies money by paying the employee if she or he is just surfing around on the Internet that isn't work related.

4. You don't want them being distracted by talking to buddies through instant messages while working. Employee's would be able to accomplish more work if they didn't chat with buddies while working. It will save you even more money if you don't let them talk to buddies through Instant messages while working.

5. You don't want them to get any viruses on the computer from surfing the Internet. You want to protect your computers. A virus could end up costing your company even more money to get rid of the virus. Employers have the right to limit what websites a employee can access on the Internet. Employers have a right to see everything that an employee does on the Internet since they are using the company computers to access the Internet.

6. You want to make sure that the employee's aren't talking about inappropriate things on the Internet to people through instant messages. You don't want that type of thing going on through the Internet during working hours. It is a bad idea to let that happen since it will just cause problems sooner or later.

7. You don't want a hacker to get any information such as employee's social security numbers. You want to make sure that all confidential information is staying that way without being exposed to hackers.

8. Make sure that employees aren't downloading a ton of illegal music off the Internet. It is illegal to download music unless you pay for it each time you download it.

9. Make sure that the employees aren't downloading illegal DVD movies. The law doesn't let a person legally download DVD movies off the Internet.

10. Make sure that your employees aren't stalking anyone on the Internet. You don't want to get in trouble with the legal system by allowing an employee to stalk a person on the Internet.

What are the benefits from monitoring?

The benefits are limitless - monitoring your employees can ONLY be beneficial to yourself and your company. See some common reasons that explain how priceless monitoring can be.

Conduct investigation on employees suspected of abuse

Have a problem with employees using the Internet inappropriately? You are in the same boat as every other company.

It is becoming an increasing problem each and every year - employees abusing their Internet privileges by chatting with friends, conducting online stock trades, shopping while on the clock, and much more. This all boils down to loss of productivity and decreased profits for your company and institution.

Increase employee productivity and increase PROFITS!

By monitoring your employees you will drastically increase the productivity of your employees. Increased productivity equals increased profits for your company. It is estimated that approximately 75 minutes every day is used for non-business related activity on company computers for EACH employee. This translated into an annual loss of $6,250 per employee in revenue assuming your employees are paid the U.S. average of $20 per hour. Imagine if your employees salary is higher!

Eliminate leaking of confidential material

The greatest assets in your company is the data contained within it. Protect your confidential data from leaking to third-parties through monitoring your computers activity across the network.

Recover important communications that have been lost

By monitoring your networks important data and communication it is always logged. Imagine if an employee's work was lost due to a power outage, a problem with the PC, or plain employee mistake - now it will always be logged and can always be retrieved safely and in its entirety.

Meet or exceed federal, industry, or agency compliance requirements for keeping records of transactions and communications

By monitoring your PC's you are meeting the industry requirements for keeping records and logs of transactions and communications all with the additional benefits listed above. Why wouldn't you monitor them!?

Why IMonitor Software?

IMonitor software is a leader in network computer monitoring and content filtering. Since 2002 our software development team has released more than 15 Windows applications which are now leaders in their classes and have been awarded for software excellence.

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