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  • Increase Employee Productivity: Significantly reduce the amount of wasted time, on average IMonitor EAM can cut this huge invalid productivity by at least 80%.
  • "Insider" Theft Protection: At least 2 of 5 emplyees will copy company confidential information and take it away. and 1 will leak the information accidentally or intentionally. IMonitor EAM can help you to track employee's working time to find this dangerous behavior

What Employers Are Doing About Employees Surfing the Internet at Work

According of latest survey, employees spend one or two hours a day surfing the internet during business working time. Also from the survey results, 66% of employers are monitoring internet connections via computer surveillance software. And, 65% of companies use surveillance software to block connections to inappropriate web sites - a 27% increase since 2001. Additionally, employers are monitoring the use of email.

Employer Surveillance of Employees Surfing the internet at Work

Employers who block access to employees surfing the internet at work are concerned about employees visiting adult sites with sexual, romantic, or pornographic content (96%); game sites (61%); social networking sites (50%); entertainment sites (40%); shopping/auction sites (27%); and sports sites (21%). In addition, some companies use URL blocks to stop employees from visiting external blogs (18%).

Depending on the company, computer monitoring takes many forms: 45% of employers track content, keystrokes, and time spent at the keyboard; 43% store and review computer files; 12% monitor the blogosphere to see what is being written about the company by employees, and 10% monitor social networking sites. Of the 43% of companies that monitor email, 73% use technology tools to automatically monitor email and 40% assign an employee to manually read and review email.

Why Employers Are Monitoring Employees Surfing the Internet at Work

Employers believe this employee surveillance is necessary for employee productivity, legal reasons, the safety of company information, and to prevent an environment of harassment.

Employee productivity is one key factor. Some companies will say that trade secret issues are important, not necessarily because employees intentionally share company information, but employees may not realize the importance to competitors of such items as new product features and organization charts.

Preventing company information leaked is another concerned key for employers. Intranet sites share information employers don't want outsiders to know because of competition and the need to beat competitors to market. Other companies are concerned about fraud as far as data security, making sure information is not being stolen.

More Employer Concerns about Surfing the Web at Work

There are more and more employers placing employee computer use under surveillance because the technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper. No matter how you feel about it, employers that don't monitor will become fewer and fewer, not to nail employees, but because monitoring increasingly makes business sense. It's only going to become more and more significant in America.

Monitoring employees’ computer activities have been allowed and added into the law in many countries, which is another reason more and more employers take surveillance software into their companies.

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