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  • Increase Employee Productivity: Significantly reduce the amount of wasted time, on average IMonitor EAM can cut this huge invalid productivity by at least 80%.
  • "Insider" Theft Protection: At least 2 of 5 emplyees will copy company confidential information and take it away. and 1 will leak the information accidentally or intentionally. IMonitor EAM can help you to track employee's working time to find this dangerous behavior

Using Computer Security and Surveillance Systems To Prevent Employee Theft

That is the fact we have to admit, some of our employees steal company confidential information or trade secrets out of greed for money or revenge against some unfair mind. However no matter why they do this, this behavior is definitely wrong.

Confidential information or trade secrets leaked by the employees, as a result, that will seriously damage the company and make the profits lost. Anyway it is not late for most employers, until now many employers are ready to find new ways to prevent and catch employee theft, no guess, currently the best option seems to be the use of security cameras and surveillance software, which is including digital video recorders and computer surveillance software. Especially the later – computer surveillance software, has been commonly used in most companies.

Computer technology is definitely a revolution for current office works, which save a lot of time, make more works easily, sending documents more quickly and generate more comprehensive reports. But like old saying, one coin has two sides. Good sides also come with some bad side effects. Not like the theft in the past, now employees can be more easily to access the confidential documents or client’s data, if they have some talents at computer. And leaking these stolen documents is just a few click matters via emails or copying to portable storage devices.

But you needn’t worry about since most computer security companies have already found the solutions to deal with such cases. Surveillance software is just such a way, which can monitor all employees’ computer activities during the working time, including keystrokes logs, website visited logs, sent/received email logs and printed documents logs etc. What employers need do just sit down on the chair and a few clicks to view what each employee has done. No more need to stand behind the employees and watch over employees’ shoulders for knowing if they are doing properly jobs. Sounds amazing and relief, right?

If being employers, you worry about your business profits so badly; installing computer surveillance software will be best solution to know everything in real time. Good companies with huge profits have already put computers security and surveillance being one must do thing. For your business good, this is why you need surveillance software to deter any would-be employee thieves from ever thinking about trying to steal from you. With employees surveillance software, remotely monitor what they are doing, you will be able to show your employees that you are trusting them with your business, but if they choose to destroy that trust, you will be watching both at the work and from a distance.

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