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  • Increase Employee Productivity: Significantly reduce the amount of wasted time, on average IMonitor EAM can cut this huge invalid productivity by at least 80%.
  • "Insider" Theft Protection: At least 2 of 5 emplyees will copy company confidential information and take it away. and 1 will leak the information accidentally or intentionally. IMonitor EAM can help you to track employee's working time to find this dangerous behavior

Employee Surveillance – That is Employer must do

Since computer being introduced into business office, employee surveillance solutions have been a widely debated topic – is it fair, or is it an invasion of privacy? However no matter which side you stand on the issue, employee surveillance is commonly used in most office working environment of company.

Traditional surveillance solution is using spy cameras which are not a surprise anymore. Take a look at these examples, like government and banks. And now for surveillance technology, traditional solutions are not meeting the requirement of most working environments. Computer surveillance has come into our working lives.

Let’s look at the popular examples of employee surveillance in government or Intellectual Property and decide if monitoring employees is really such a bad and offensive practice.

  • Government protecting

    Employees working in the government organization, most of them can be trusted or before working in there, employees need be check their identification for security sake. But that is really enough to prevent any internal crime or any documents leaking? You know the answer, right? It is definitely not.

    Most government organizations have a lot of secrets including documents, videos and audios. These are absolutely not being accessed by the public or most of employees except high level supervisors. In case any document, video or audio being leaked to the public, the consequences can be not taken like nothing happened.

    So how can we be sure that all secrets be in safe? Well, secret employee surveillance helps us this time. Maybe no one would ever know that some crimes have happened, but surveillance software does know. Even no spy cameras were installed to monitor employees during their work day, but their all working activities of computer have been recorded, including internet used, website visited, documents printed, chatting logged and sent/received email tracked. In this case, employee surveillance at least, gives us protecting shields to keep secrets in safe.

  • Intellectual Property

    Being employers or managers, you have probably seen most behaviors of abuse a company’s network or resources. These abused behaviors are like download movies, MP3’s, share files and browse porno websites very often, in some cases every single day.

    Well companies who want their employees to work efficiently and stop abusing their systems, install special software for tracking their employee activities at work. That software can alert system managers about various inappropriate actions and help company to control their employees’ work better.

    It is especially important when companies don’t want the information to be sent outside their network. Sent/Received email check and usb portable device whether or not being allowed used with controlled, that should another concern for employers.

    So once again, employee surveillance is a must in such situation.

While, it is obvious, employee surveillance is a must do in most working cases, even still someone doesn’t agree and claim that monitoring employees infringers employees’ right. However, employing various surveillance tools to monitor employees will definitely decrease the chance of money fraud or other illegal activity.

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