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  • Increase Employee Productivity: Significantly reduce the amount of wasted time, on average IMonitor EAM can cut this huge invalid productivity by at least 80%.
  • "Insider" Theft Protection: At least 2 of 5 emplyees will copy company confidential information and take it away. and 1 will leak the information accidentally or intentionally. IMonitor EAM can help you to track employee's working time to find this dangerous behavior

Employee Surveillance Software -- Real-Time Internet Tracking

Monitoring employee activities has so many ways, but for most businesses, adopting employee surveillance software will be best way. It cost less, but give more functions to protect your company network, here we will discuss one of these functions – internet tracking.

It is true fact, without employee surveillance software installed on the computers which your employees are using, you are losing money every day, even worse, and you are keeping your company secrets in the front of the public and your competitors.

It is no wonder that most employees surf the pornographic web sites, financial web sites, shopping sites, and chat sites more than one hour spent during the working time. Imagining that if employees are looking at porn or shopping for a new pair of shoes, wouldn’t it be fair to say that productivity is not maximized in regards to Internet activity? Currently like so many business consultants said, the greatest threats to business computers are not from HACKERS any more, but from its own employees. If something like above have happened in your company, you should consider some surveillance software for employee now!

However by implementing employee surveillance software on your company workstations, you are no longer in a vulnerable position. When you have a proactive surveillance environment, you will finally have the advantage of knowing what websites your employees have visited, how much time they have spent on and any files downloaded by whom. Once you know all that they have done, you will stop ANY kind of inappropriate behavior before it gets out of hand.

Comparing to other employee surveillance software, IMonitor EAM has an advanced web time tracking function, which means IMonitor EAM not only can monitor what website have been visited, but also can count how much time employees have spent on each website. According of web time tracking function, it is easy to justify if your employees have put their effort on the works or not. Hard worker or tricky worker, you don’t guess any more, since you have already got physical proofs.

The benefits when your employees know surveillance software has been installed on their computer will be so many. See some keys below the list,

  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Security Breaches
  • Identify Performance Issues
  • Eliminate Employees Taking Confidential Records and Sending Them to Your Competition
  • Enforce PC Compliance Regulations

Your employees will be on their best behavior. You can expect a significant drop in the kinds of activities that threaten the survival of your company. There is not a single company that wants to be a statistic in regards to employee internet abuse and IMonitor EAM provides the software to make sure it does not happen to you.

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