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IMonitor EAM features and screenshots

Centralized employee computer activity monitoring soluton - screenshot

IMonitor EAM is a company-wide employee computer activity monitoring solution, it can monitor 2000+ network computers within one server.

Live view of 16 remote desktops at the same time - screenshot

IMonitor EAM allows you to view multi remote desktop and take a control of a remote computer by controlling it's mouse and keyboard. It supports viewing dual monitors in remote desktop viewer.

Store collected log in centralized database

Track and analyze employee's work time(Professional edition only) - screenshot1, - screenshot2

Disable/enable sensitive log

Allow to change database file folder

Summary report - screenshot

Allow to create new account to different manager

Allow several managers to track computers in their respective departments

Allow to move computer to it's actual department


Content filtering features

Block unwanted or harmful websites - screenshot

Block application, such as game or IM client - screenshot


Logging Features

Record website URL, title - screenshot

Record HTTP download - screenshot

Record searching phrase - screenshot

Record chat conversations, MSN, yahoo messenger, ICQ, AIM - screenshot

Record outgoing Email and incoming Email, record webbased Email - screenshot

Record every SMTP, POP3 and web-based Email(Yahoo mail, Hotmail) with it's content and attachment file name.

Record FTP file uploads and downloads

Record keystrokes with time stamp and program window caption - screenshot

Record all file operations - screenshot

Record print jobs

Record removable device usage - screenshot

Record clipboard text - screenshot

Record and analyze program activity

Record computer hardware asset

Disable/enable removable divice

Search computer with hardware parameters

Record installed software and software alteration

Search computer with software name

Send file to multi user

Send instant message to multi user

Remote file management module

View remote computer's running programs, end any of them

View and manage auto-run programs

View installed windows services

View system running status

View active internet connection

View and modify TCP/IP property

Scan network computers


Agent Features

Remote install, uninstall and upgrade

invisible to antispy software and antivirus software

Works in total stealth mode, can not be ended without administrator permission

Low CPU performance, less than 5% in the normal mode

Low memory footprint, less than 5 MB in the normal mode


Compatibility Features

Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Compatibility

Windows Vista Compatibility

Why IMonitor Software?

IMonitor software is a leader in network computer monitoring and content filtering. Since 2002 our software development team has released more than 15 Windows applications which are now leaders in their classes and have been awarded for software excellence.

Awards for our outstanding monitoring software:

IMonitor's computer and internet monitoring software