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  • Increase Employee Productivity: Significantly reduce the amount of wasted time, on average IMonitor EAM can cut this huge invalid productivity by at least 80%.
  • "Insider" Theft Protection: At least 2 of 5 emplyees will copy company confidential information and take it away. and 1 will leak the information accidentally or intentionally. IMonitor EAM can help you to track employee's working time to find this dangerous behavior

Why Choose Computer/Internet Surveillance Software for Business

Since more and more businesses have taken computer into their fields, collecting information, sent/received email, making reports, writing document and printing files have been major part of businesses working. And some weak points also have come with these, like some internet abused behaviors of employees and important business information leaking, etc. Pointing to these, computer/internet surveillance software has been developed and adopted by most business.

  • What is computer/Internet surveillance software?

    Computer/Internet surveillance software is an IT system deployed in a network to monitor and control end users’ computer and Internet activities.

    Such surveillance system is typically consisted of agent applications, installed in computers needed to be monitored and controlled, and console applications, used by administrator or supervisors. Comprehensive systems may require a data base and a server.

  • Why is computer/Internet surveillance necessary?

    Before answering this and decide whether employee surveillance monitoring software is necessary for your company, take a look at below lists:

    • 30% of the companies are losing more than a day's work per week to time wasting
    • 44% of businesses have suffered an e-mail breach
    • $33,000 is the average cost of clearing up after an e-mail breach
    • 30% of people had stolen a contact database when they left an employer
    • 70% of people have stolen key information from work
    • 21% of data theft burn corporate documents and information onto CDs

    Sounds terrible, right? In a computer-and-Internet-dominated workplace, only by using hidden camera to monitor employees activities are really not enough. You need one better surveillance solution which is not only in real time, also will provide you more accurate and comprehensive reports.

    When they seem to be working in front of computers, some slackers might be abusing computer and Internet in many ways: playing online games, sneaking a look at naked people on the Internet, circulating jokes or snide remarks about colleagues via emails, seeking jobs, shopping on eBay or, chatting with buddies via Instant Messengers.

    Even worse, some bad guys would steal business secrets or sabotage corporate information, especially when they have to leave the company. Companies will have to look closely at how they allow workers use corporate computers, emails and Internet resources.

  • Why choose IMonitor EAM?
    • Real-time monitor and control every PC/Internet activity

      IMonitor EAM records and controls all computer and Internet activities - emails, web site visited, chats and instant messages, system settings, program activities, document operations, removable devices, printers, and even network management. All these monitoring are in real-time and full stealth mode.

    • Remote desktop view and screenshot capture

      In any time you can view employees’ computer desktop and see what they are doing via IMonitor EAM. Much more, IMonitor EAM can capture all the activities with screenshot which will help you easily understand what they have done even you were away.

    • Powerful website and keyword filtering

      All websites can be configured as you wish; you can set some website related to your business into white list and put others like youtube, twitter, facebook and digg into black list. Let these website never been accessed by your employees.

    • Absolutely usb portable device controlled

      Worry about import data being stolen by your employees with mobile phone, usb stick and mobile hard disk? Now you can take full charge via a few click to disable usb use.

    • A happy solution for both employees and boss

      The use of IMonitor EAM will not bother employers at all. IMonitor EAM runs silently in backstage, no visible interface or entry in the end user computer. And IMonitor EAM will not cause inconveniences to normal use of computer and Internet. Thus it’s a happy solution for both employees and employers. Download and review IMonitor EAM on software download web sites.

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