Corporate Solution

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IMonitor EAM professional edition include all features in EAM standard edition, it also has the following features

EAM Professional edition include a Time Tracker module, it can help your company to analyse what application your employees used and how much time they spend on the application, it has the following fetures.

It can stores 6 months detailed records of used applications of all users in your company.

It can help you to find which user spend more time on web, IM, game or other unwanted application.

It provides Pie Chart and Line Graph report.

It allows you to specify an application and analyse how much time your employee spend on it in one day, one week or one month.

From 25 PCs $1199.95 to buy

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Corporate Solution

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Centrolized company-wide employee pc activity surveillance solution, monitor 2000+ network computers within one server.

IMonitor EAM is the best employee surveillance software, is an application for real time network computer monitoring and content filting, and for employees' work time tracking.

IMonitor EAM has the following features:

Allows you invisibly monitor all employee's pc & internet activities from one contralized position, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, documents printed, FTP file transfered, websites visited, applications used, etc.

You can see live screenshots of multi network computers and take a control of a remote computer by controlling it's mouse and keyboard .

log file operations on employee's computer, such as copy, delete, create, rename, open, copy file to removable disk, etc

Restrict remote computer's website browsing in all web browser

Block game IM or other unwanted application.

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Home Solution

IMonitor Keylogger is an well designed and all-in-one spy software for home and parent control. It can record everything occured on your computer when you are away, and send report to a pre-set email box.

IMonitor Keylogger has the following features:

Works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.

Records keystrokes including login ID and password, with program window caption and time stamp.

Records MSN, yahoo messenger, ICQ, AOL chat conversations.

Records all incoming and outgoing POP3 and SMTP email, web-based hotmail and yahoo mail.

Records all internet activities, website URL, website title, search phrase and file download.

Records screenshots.

Block unwanted or harmful website.

Block MSN chat.

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Why IMonitor Software?

IMonitorSoft develops and supports windows computer and internet monitoring software for home users, child, business, corporate, education, and government. IMonitor monitoring software will record web sites, keystrokes, emails, chats, msn, yahoo messenger, icq, FTP, file, clipboard, USB flash drive, computer asset, print jobs, instant messages, screenshots and much more.

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